Membership Benefits
  • Automatic membership in the Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association (TnMBA)
  • Monthly luncheons with educational speakers on current industry topics
  • Support for lobbyist activities that benefit the mortgage industry
  • Legislative updates and interactive lobbying efforts
  • Recognition of top performers in our industry through the Awards of Excellence event and an appreciation luncheon dedicated to support staff
  • Multiple number of employees from member organizations may register for events
  • Members may invite their colleagues to be their guests at events
  • Monthly NMBA e-Newsletters with brief news stories and membership announcements
  • web site featuring news, announcements, schedules, and online registration for all events
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram updates for immediate breaking news and legislative calls to action
Membership Categories

Individual Member

$ 400 / year

Individual Membership consists of those individuals who have formerly been associated with a regular member firm and have been dismissed due to a merger or acquisition from the regular or associate member firm. This shall include employees of government agencies that have promoted homeownership in the past. Individual members will not be considered voting members and are not allowed to hold offices or chairmanship positions, unless they hold presently an office or chairmanship position. They will reapply and be voted on each January. They will be responsible for their activity expenses.

Regular Mortgage Member

$ 500 / year

Regular Mortgage Membership consists of those members who are firms and corporations actively engaged in mortgage banking which have a bona fide active office in the Middle Tennessee area and who originate, broker or service mortgage loans originated in the Middle Tennessee are. Only Regular Members may vote. They will be responsible for their activity expenses.

Affiliate Member

$ 350 / year

Associate Membership consists of firms and corporations closely associated with mortgage banking but who are not actively and primarily engaged in originating, brokering or servicing of mortgage loans originated in the Middle Tennessee area. They will be responsible for their activity expenses.

Retired Mortgage Member

$ 350 / year

Retired Mortgage Memberhip consists of those individuals who have formerly been members of the Nashville Mortgage Bankers Association and who are not currently associated with a member firm, but through the years of experience and involvement in the association, still contribute to the objectives and purposes of the association. They will be responsible for their activity expenses.

Awards of Excellence Qualifications

The annual Awards of Excellence event recognizes those mortgage professionals who have performed at a high level during the prior year.
A member employee is qualified to be nominated for an NMBA award when all of the following requirements have all been met.

  • Originator closed a minimum of $10 Million or 100 units during the calendar year while employed by an NMBA member company in good standing
  • Originator attended a minimum of three (3) NMBA sponsored events during the calendar year, including:
    • Membership luncheons
    • Annual award banquet
    • NMBA Golf Tournament
    • Nonprofit workday
  • Attendance for NMBA sponsored events were tracked when:
    • Originator registered and paid for each event through the NMBA web site
    • Originator signs in at the attendance table located at each event
  • All NMBA qualifying and sponsored events will be posted online at the NMBA web site.
  • All NMBA sponsored events must be pre-registered at the NMBA web site.
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